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Fusion by Dalia

Fusion by Dalia creates unique visual art and home decor using fused glass and other materials such as metal. The unique combination of the transparency of glass, the rich sheen of metals along side vibrant colors, all culminate in to original pieces of art. Incorporating the influence of various cultures and showcasing individuality, these special pieces will turn your home into artistic experience !

Whale 1.jpg
blue five.jpg

Fusion by Dalia creates custom fused glass art combining materials, textures, and cultural influences.

2_b_Saafan_Nile sunset_edited_edited_edi

About the artist

Originally hailing from Egypt, my background is infused with the charm of the East with its panoply of cultures. 
An interior designer by education, a painter by passion, and a glassmaker by trade, these different facets come together allowing me to create a piece of art that are tailored to and homogeneous with their environment, yet also look exotic and impart exuberant joy.
As I am, so is my art: A fusion.

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