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Teal boat    /collaboration with Andrea Itzeck

Teal boat /collaboration with Andrea Itzeck


The idea for creating the boat was a long desired artistic endeavor. The process of working with fused glass involves many steps and challenges. The initial step in the process of making the fused glass boat, started with using plaster and clay to make a mold for the glass. Working with glass is a long journey requiring patience and skill. During the firing process, one of the sides of the boat cracked so beautifully in such a way that we could not even break it so artistically had we tried. There was beauty in the imperfection in the shape of the glass and we decided to leverage this uniqueness in the glass by connecting the broken pieces rather than repeat the firing process. The glass pieces were curved in two different directions, so to connect them together with copper was a challenging process requiring skilled craftsmanship. We agreed to include the imperfections of the cracked glass and emphasize the cracks and celebrate the beauty of the imperfection rather than disguise it.  This artistic piece is a metaphor of our lives- imperfection is perfection in its rawest form because in the end there really is no such thing as perfect.  

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